Legacy – BPHA Session #8 – Prevention, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Pharmacy

BPHA Session #8 – Connecting the Dots: Prevention, Wellness, Chronic Disease Management and Pharmacy

This session has three modules. Modules in this session address the important role of prevention and wellness (wellbeing) as well as chronic disease management in managing plan member health and employee benefit plan design and budgets. We will also address drug plan formularies, formulary management and how electronic claims adjudication has changed the way drug benefits are managed. We will also address the expanding role of pharmacists in delivering chronic disease management to plan members and finally we will connect the dots to discuss the overall impact on benefit plans when plan members, plan sponsors and providers work together to improve member wellbeing. At the end of this session you will understand some of the key steps to plan member wellbeing, including starting an effective and measurable wellness program, the role of pharmacy benefits managers, and the importance of exploring the expanding number of tools and providers to achieve member health goals in plan design, including pharmacy.


Price: $65.00 CAD (plus applicable provincial and federal taxes).